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Friday, September 29, 2006
Amid the news that habeus corpus is now dead (along with, one suspects, a large part of American democracy), please consider the statistical chance of death by terrorism. (An aside: accidental poisonings happen this often? WTF?)

In slightly related news, these people are looking for "a Chief Librarian to manage the Detainee Library, under the direction of the Joint Task Force-Guantanamo Bay, Cuba." Yes, really. Adapatability is cited as a need, along with ambition. Wow. (Thanks, Courtney!)

From the Graveworm, three links:

1) Will Whitehorn, president of Virgin Galactic, said the firm was in negotiations over a reality TV show. In the show, contestants would compete to win a place on a space flight, the Press Association reported. Mr Whitehorn said: "The indications are that we can create a show that would give people the chance to go into space. It would be a cross between Dr Who, Star Trek and the Krypton Factor."

2) "The squirrels will be back," South Bay wildlife rehabilitator Norma Campbell said. "For every one you take out, two more will come in. It could be a never-ending project that isn't going to accomplish anything. "

3) a rant from a public librarian, and IT'S ALL TRUE. Ask any librarian about this and they will sigh and nod.

From Holly: a hamster gets too enthusiastic about exercising and learns that centrifugal force only goes so far.

From Bunny: Russian rocket boots! Commander Cody, eat your heart out! (Their claims of jumping 13ft with each step seem a bit exaggerated, however.)

From Glenna: a nuclear weapon effects calculator. Considering the way the world's going, this might be useful information!

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone. See you Monday.

Jinnet @ 9/29/2006 : comments: 1
Comments: 1

3:45 PM  
Blogger Cassandra: Although the public librarian rant was a bit severe, I understand the need to vent. However, I, personally, would NEVER EVER call the cops on any patron. Unless, of course, they were pervs or violent. If I caught a patron getting high in the bathroom, I'd join her. (hee)

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