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Wednesday, September 06, 2006
The photos of our OSR trip are up over on Flickr, along with some other interesting locations we visited like the Mysterious Revolving Ball of Marion (which revolves incredibly slowly, as it turns out). Fun times!

More spooky news: you can view a recently discovered mummified Mongolian body via a photo gallery, or look into a new burial concept from Sweden in which one's body is frozen with liquid nitrogen and then pulverized. I was sort of hoping that other people could shatter the body with a sledgehammer or something if they wanted, but it's all very controlled. But cool, nevertheless.

In Japan, there's a whole activity based on polishing bits of mud. How have I not heard of this before? They're called dorodango, they look like marbles, and they're absolutely bizarre.

Meanwhile, in New York, a performance group goes slo-mo in Home Depot. I love this kind of stuff.

And for those of us in Ohio, Jon Stewart is coming for a week to film the Midwest Mideterm Midtacular. Go and prove that we are not all conservative wingnuts!

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