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Wednesday, May 07, 2008
Okay, how did I not know that there's a pigeon in London with a weblog? I should ask the squirrels in our yard if they want wifi access.

In Houston, the Art Car Parade is set for Saturday; meanwhile, they will be rowing boats in Venice for the Vogolonga race. If you'd rather head to a sci-fi or horror convention, there is now a nifty little convention finder; I put in Cincinnati and found out what was happening around here this summer.

I would love to go to the Impossible Smells exhibition over in the UK. Bunny insists that dinosaurs smell like charcoal. The article doesn't mention whether dinosaurs are included in the exhibit, but I would bet that they are!

And this just in from Cassandra: Hillary Clinton wanted Bill to declassify a huge amount of documentation on UFO sightings. Geez, like Hillary doesn't have enough problems this week.

Jinnet @ 5/07/2008 : comments: 3
Comments: 3

5:50 PM  
Blogger Brendan: As much as it goes against my grain to defend HRC on anything lately, I have to say that the UFO story doesn't make me think ill of her. There's no reason to classify the overwhelming bulk of what is classified in general, and I suspect this goes double for UFO-related documents in particular. I grant that some of the material may refer to, say, experimental DoD gizmos, but even much of that has to be out of date by now.

Openness is always good, especially in a government. And the way you cut down on conspiracy cranks is by making full disclosure of findings. Not that there's anything that will convince some of these people, but at least they'll have less ammunition with which to win new converts.

5:51 PM  
Blogger Brendan: Forgot to mention that, in terms of horse race aspects, you're right that this probably doesn't help HRC at this time, except in picking up a few more erstwhile Kucinich supporters, maybe.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Cassandra: You, Brendan, are a man after my own heart. This story endeared her to me, too. Well, "endeared" may be a little strong, but, you get the gist.

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