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Monday, March 02, 2009
Dr. Seuss would be 105 today, if he were still with us. Go read something in his honor.

(Also, personal note: my grandmother would be 90 today, and she was just as cool as Dr. Seuss, if not more so. Miss you, Gram. Also, sorry the world now knows you were born in 1919 and not 1920, like you always told me to tell people.)

Dusty Springfield died ten years ago today, and the Pet Shop Boys have posted a tribute to her on their website. Meanwhile, the Boys are working on an electronic ballet, which sounds like it's going to be all kinds of cool.

Leonard Cohen is playing Coachella this year!

Despite the awful economy, movie attendance is up, just like it was in the 1930s. To quote the article: "Americans, for the moment, just want to hide in a very dark place."

Ever wonder where those props from films go, if they're not auctioned off? Wonder no more!

Jinnet @ 3/02/2009 : comments: 1
Comments: 1

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous: So, Jinnet, which Dr. Seuss is your fave?

Mine is Hop on Pop, but the best line ever is from one fish two fish, "Why are they sad and glad and bad, I do not know. Go ask your dad."

My dad never could tell me though!He'd say, I shit you not, "Well, peoples just is how they is." Thanks alot, old man, that helps. (teehee)

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