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Monday, March 09, 2009
Happiness is finding a new artist you like and then discovering that he's part of a current exhibit at the local art museum!

Meanwhile, the Smithsonian Art Museum is featuring a look at 1934's WPA artists.

If you think a movie should have ended differently, you're not alone; How It Should Have Ended gives their suggestions.

Hilary of Spirits Dancing made a Virginia Woolf puppet that is wonderful. I especially like the last photo in the entry.

I love reading the reactions of kids to books and movies and art. Bookie Woogie posts a family discussion each week on a different children's book, along with kid-contributed artwork!

The State Archives of Florida and the Oregon State University Archives are among the latest to join the Flickr Commons, and they both have incredible images to share from their history. (If you're not checking out the Commons on a regular basis, you should be!)

Jinnet @ 3/09/2009 : comments: 2
Comments: 2

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous: Hmmmmm, Jinnet, whyevery would you especially like the last photo in the entry? Does it happen to reasonate with you? Perhaps? Hiding behind couches? Maybe? (haha)

So, Friday, we shall explore this new artist whom you admire. It is what I'm living for at the moment.

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Hil: Hello! Thanks, I'm happy you like Virginia so much. And thanks, too, for the link to my giant elephant post a little while ago. :)

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