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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Last week, I set off for New York and Dances of Vice, a monthly event that's a trip back in time. Each month has a different theme. This month? Secrets of the Boudoir. Oh dear, I thought. Wearing skirts above my ankles out in public is nervewracking enough for me; wearing lingerie seemed above and beyond my capabilities.

Fortunately, Bunny and the Club Creatures brought me down to earth and helped me pull an outfit together, and before I knew it we were walking down the streets of Brooklyn, en route to the Montauk Club.

The Montauk Club, Brooklyn

Me, on the streets of Brooklyn, by Satori

We arrived to find the party in full swing, with the lovely Minsky Sisters performing for a crowd downstairs and photographs occuring upstairs. And everyone looked gorgeous.

The beautiful and the fantastic at Dances of Vice

There was much dancing downstairs, courtesy of Grandpa Musselman and His Syncopators (some of whom are pictured below):

Performing at Dances of Vice, by Satori

Even the shoes were lovely. The heels on the top left belong to Shien Lee, the originator and organizer for Dances of Vice.

Shoes of Vice!

Shoes of vice

Throughout the night, everyone was friendly and fun, and all my bizarre fears came to nothing, even though I did say to Poison at one point, "This is less clothing than I wear to bed." (That's not strictly true, by the way.)

Curves on the crosswalk

As it turned out, the reason for the lingerie theme was a pragmatic one; the Montauk has no air conditioning. As a result, Dances of Vice is going on hiatus for the summer and will return in the fall, when everyone can wear several layers without falling down from the heat. This also means that I can start saving now for my eventual return!

Walking the streets after the dance

Provided I don't get arrested, that is.

More photos of May's "Secrets in the Boudoir" are on New York City's Metromix page. Many thanks to Satori for letting me use his photos for this entry!

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